Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Conkerer

There's a new one-man, micro-pub on Grange Road, Ramsgate. Colin the Mad Man opened the doors for the first time last night. The inspiration came from Martin the Lunatic who established the Butcher's Arms in Herne Village a few years back. This is the thinking:

1. Drinking ale often only accounts for a seventh of a pub's business.
2. Cut out fruit machines, food, pool tables and pretty much anything else apart from ale (including the bar) and you don't really need much room.
3. Not much room = cheap to run.
4. Cheap to run means you don't need a great turnover to make a living.

Cracking idea.

Take a look for yourself.

Good luck to Colin. They say most businesses started in a recession do well; let's hope his does.

1 comment:

Beer Pack said...

Stripped back to the 'beer' necessities, I like it!

And when you've got real ale on tap who needs the other distractions.

I wish you every success with the business.