Sunday, 17 April 2011

After Party!

Not content with one beer festival next weekend I had the stupid notion of laying on an after party for you. Andrew from the Bottle Shop is just as idiotic as me and by the time we hooked with Toby from Age & Sons it was a done deal. So rather than relax after Planet Thanet finishes I've just found several days hard work to do instead.

Age & Sons is a rather upmarket, down to earth restaurant in the middle of Ramsgate with a fine vaulted basement perfect for a mini gathering of beery boys & girls. Toby trained under Heston and produces innovative and tasty grub, a perfect match for the innovative and tasty beers we're serving next weekend. Don't expect the usual though - Andrew and I have sourced some weird and wonderful brews from the UK and abroad.

Kick off time is 9pm, just as Planet Thanet has wound down, and we'll be serving until 2am the following morning. Then it's all day Sunday in sun. This will be a relaxed, intimate affair, quite possibly descending into chaos if I don't get some organising down in the next day or two. Do come along, it'll be fun.


Brock said...

'Beer Geek Bacon' made me happy.

Golden Flower said...

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