Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Low & Behold!

Our protest brew (the world's first I reckon, though I'm probably wrong) is now in the cask and after a snifter this morning I'm beginning to feel relief, of a sort. Brewed last Tuesday with Wantsum James, Gray the Dray & Little Ruth (safe there - she don't read this) it began its journey to life in traumatic circumstances: unproven malt recipe, way out mash temperature, psychotic temperature probe and untested hopping rates all conspired to dump our baby into a decidedly unpredictable fermentation environment. I've been a little bi-polar all week as a result but I reckon we might just get away with this one.

Come to Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival, taste the results and tell me I'm wrong.

And if you're a ratebeer rater, rate it, please!


Mark said...

I'm guessing it will be 3 out of 5 max. It's not barrell aged or imperial, so it can't score any more than that. To be fair, I'd probably give it a bit less than that, something like 2.8 maybe?

Looking forward to it. I had Redmeption Trinity a week or so ago and, at 3% abv, it blew me away.


Eddie said...

Need to get it rated by as many as possible - I want a score!