Saturday, 25 August 2012

Hop harvest: 10? days to go.

 Despite variable weather conditions, and mixed harvests on other crops, the hops in east Kent are looking particularly promising this year. With around 10 days to go of course anything could happen and the chances are that that anything wouldn't be good news. However, should the weather remain reasonable we have a chance of a vintage harvest. Here's some of the evidence gathered last evening on a walk through Humphrey's gardens:

Challenger displaying deep green coloured foliage, indicating robust good health, and large, heavy cones. 

 Challenger again, looking quite jungle.

  Challenger on the right, first year Cobb's Goldings on the left. You would expect the youngsters to be far more spindly with very few cones.

These first year Cobb's are going to produce a crop, an extremely rare feat in the UK.

Northdown, looking very pretty.

A little rain last night (and today) will have perked the bines up a bit and helped put more weight on the cones. The forecast is giving showers, sunshine and a breeze or two for the next week, warm and dry conditions thereafter. Storms remain the monster threat, as ever.

Fingers crossed.

If this lot gets blown down I'll cry like a proper man.

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